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Program Overview: 

AA Academy Of Driving School will provide a comprehensive evaluation of current driving skills and determine what is needed for the driver to continue driving safely.  We provide refresher courses for these drivers to further sharpen his or her skills and evaluate risks or concerns.  Information may be provided regarding driving retirement and alternative modes of transportation, if needed. 

A perscription from a doctor is required in order to take this class.


Who Needs a Senior Driver Evaluation?

You may consider using our program for one or several of the following reasons:
*If you have had a medical condition that could affect your driving abilities
*Change in your vision
*Recently moved into a new city
*You most recently have become the primary driver
*Family, friends, doctors, police, or others have told you that you should not be driving
*If there has been a long period since you drove last
*If you have been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease
*If you are noticing mental and physical changes because of your age or disability
*To gain or regain your confidence

How Often do I need to take the Evaluation?
Senior drivers should take the evaluation every 6 months, or more often, as a circumstance may change in the senior driver's life requiring an earlier evaluation.

Please call the office at 770-889-1023 to register for a Senior Evaluation Behind the Wheel package.

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