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 AA Academy of Action Driving School strives to teach you the best of driving practices.

Along with the rules of the road and the Georgia driving laws, we believe a good driver should also be courteous, careful, and confident.


Driver's Education and 

Behind -The - Wheel

Basic driver's education teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge required to obtain a driver's license in Georgia.  AA Academy of Action Driving School offers a full line of services to assure that your teenager is a safe, confident, and responsible driver.

Bioptic Driver Education

Any person required to wear a bioptic lens must complete a driver's education program, which includes the 30-hour classroom and 6-hours behind-the-wheel training. Once those requirements are met, then the person is eligible to take the State Road Test with their bioptic glasses at the Department of Driver Services. 

Virtual / In-person 

Risk Reduction Program /

DUI School

Online Driver Education

Complete your 30-hour classroom course entirely online!

Course meets Georgia's Joshua's Law requirements, the course website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Georgia Road Test

Why would you spend your time making an appointment to take your road test at a DDS test site and then up to another four hours waiting at a Georgia DDS road test site to get your license?
You can take your Georgia driving test through the AA Academy of Action Driving School.

Behind The Wheel Training

Our driving school teaches you to drive safely with confidence.  Basic Driver’s Education teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge required to obtain a Driver’s License in the state of Georgia. 6 hours behind the wheel course is not required for drivers licence

Senior Evaluations

We will provide a comprehensive evaluation of current driving skills and determine what is needed for the driver to continue driving safely.

Reducing Injury & Death (RID)

Reducing injury and death for teen drivers. Parents must be present during the lesson.

Defensive Driving

Georgia law states that drivers may take the 6 hour defensive driving class once every 5 years in order to reduce up to 7 points from their driving record. 

Prime For Life 420

PFL 420 focuses on specific beliefs and attitudes common among marijuana users.

PFL 420 addresses thorny issues; such as "Is marijuana addictive?" and "How can marijuana impairment trick us?"

Victims Impact Panel

Victims Impact Panel is a powerful program aimed at combating drunk driving and driving under the influence of other drugs.

Clinical Substance Abuse & Telehealth Evaluations

AA Academy of Action offers in-person and Telehealth (online) Clinical and Substance Abuse evaluations.  Appointments are available monday through friday.

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