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Behind The Wheel Training

Program Overview: 

Our driving school teaches you to drive safely with confidence.  Basic driver’s education teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge required to obtain a driver’s license in the state of Georgia.

We offer a full line of services to assure you of becoming a safe, confident, and responsible driver including practice in one of our vehicles.

PLEASE CALL 770-889-1023 to schedule six (6) hours behind the wheel instruction with a certified instructor.

  • As of January 1, 2020, AA Academy of Action Driving School is certified to administer the Road Test with the following requirements:

    • ​Certificate for 30 hours of Teen drivers class (the certificate for the on-line class through AA Academy of Action Driving School is approved)

    • Certificate for six hour behind the wheel Driver training at AA Academy of Action Driving School.

    • ADAP Certificate (typically earned during Freshman year of High School)

    • Letter of Enrollment

  • If you are 18 years old or older, you ONLY need the following​:

    • Valid Georgia Learner's Permit​

Driving Test Cost for 16 and 17 year-olds: $95
Driving Test Cost for 18 year-olds and older: $149
Driving Test Cost and 2-hour Refresher for 18 year-olds and older: $300

After the purchase of one of our behind the wheel packages, you may add additional hours for a reduced price of $60.00/hour if you feel it is necessary.  The instructor will gladly give you feedback on what needs to be practiced at the end of each session.

Driving School Packages:

Basic Lessons: 2 hours $175
Do you hold a valid license but feel intimidated driving in our area's increasingly busy and congested roads? If you would like to improve your driving confidence and awareness, we offer a driving assessment and basic driving safety instructions. We discuss your own individual driving needs with you and tailor this 2 hour class specifically for you.

Refresher Lessons: 2 hours $120 
If you have completed six hours behind the wheel with AA Academy of Action Driving School and would like a refresher lesson before your Road Test, please call and register at 770-889-1023.

Intermediate Driving Lessons: 4 or 6 hours behind the wheel CALL TO GET PRICE - 770-889-1023 ​
Some of the many behind the wheel instructions that can be customized according to your 
needs are: night driving, proper lane change procedures, high speed highway driving , highway safe driving practices, driving in hazardous weather conditions, and rural road instructions.

Advanced Driving Lessons: 8, 10, or 20 hours behind the wheel CALL TO GET PRICE - 770-889-1023 
At the completion of these driving instructions, you will be among the most confident, safest and responsible drivers on the road. You will be prepared to drive in most traffic or highway conditions and feel confident that you are prepared to adjust and react to any driving situation.

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