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Risk Reduction

Our DUI school offers DUI class in order to Atlanta DUI school
   help you not to repeat the same mistake..

If you have been convicted of a DUI, consider yourself fortunate. Other potential outcomes of DUI are much worse.

We at AA Academy of Driving are not out to judge or preach. Our job is to be the first step in your solution. We understand people make mistakes. 

Summary of Georgia law regarding DUI:

Successful completion of the DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program (RRP) is a requirement for eligibility for reinstatement of a driver's license if a driver has been convicted of DUI, possession of illegal drugs, underage possession of alcohol while driving a motor vehicle, or Boating Under the Influence (BUI).

A driver's license which is suspended or revoked as a result of a conviction for any of the above charges will remain suspended until the offender successfully completes the requirements of the Risk Reduction Program.

Offenders with two or more DUI offenses within a five-year period must undergo a Clinical Evaluation and if indicated complete a Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

While the majority of students attending the Risk Reduction Program will be mandated to attend as a condition for license reinstatement, there will also be court ordered and self-referred participants in the program. Our Atlanta DUI school offers DUI class to fulfill this requirement.

There is a required assessment to be taken at the AA Academy of Action Driving School prior to the start of the class. The cost of the assessment is included in the class cost of $355. Please contact AA Academy of Action Driving School & DUI School to schedule the assessment.

** Not to be confused with the drug and alcohol evaluation provided by certified Drug and alcohol professionals licensed by the state.  We are happy to provide the customer with a list of local providers of that service.


Atlanta DUI School / RRP Class Schedule & Price


Atlanta DUI School Pricing

  • The cost for the DUI School / RRP class is $355

The fee for this class must be paid in advance by credit card, cash or money order and the fee is non-refundable.

* We have not cancelled a class in years, chose us first and avoid being the victim of a cancelled class.

Atlanta DUI School - Class Schedule

  • The class is held for 20 hours over a three day period and begins on a Saturday
  • The classes for Saturday and Sunday begin promptly at 8:30 AM and last until
    5:30 PM with a 1 hour lunch break. (8 hrs. x 2)
  • Classes for Monday are held from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. (4 hrs.)


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Upcoming Risk Reduction Classes
Class Name Start Date Days
Risk Reduction 07/23 Sa-Su-Mo Class Details
Risk Reduction 07/30 Sa-Su-Mo Class Details
Risk Reduction 08/06 Sa-Su-Mo Class Details
Risk Reduction 08/13 Sa-Su-Mo Class Details
Risk Reduction 08/20 Sa-Su-Mo Class Details
Risk Reduction 08/27 Sa-Su-Mo Class Details